Produce, Meats, Value-Added Sources:

Oneida County Guide to Farms, Farmstands and Farmers' Markets  click here for map

Ethnic Markets:

Avico (more or less restaurant supply market)

729 Broad Street, Utica

Italian and some Bosnian products; spices (including Utica Grind red pepper)


Big O Bakery

775 Bleecker Street, Utica

Round bread


Caffe Caruso

707 Bleecker Street, Utica



Daniele Imports

1556 Mohawk Street (at James St.), Utica

Fresh mozzarella, sausage, cheeses, deli products; huge stuffed artichokes


Florentine Pastry Shop

667 Bleecker St.


Giuseppe’s Sicilian Bakery

506 Mohawk Street (near Bleecker), Utica

Sicilian bread, olives, deli products (also sold at Chanatry’s)


Little Italy Imports

1150 McQuade Avenue (behind Eckerds on Mohawk St.), Utica


Napoli’s Italian Bakery & Deli

412 Culver Avenue (at intersection of Bleecker), Utica

Bread, cheese, pasta and cold cuts


Parkway Pizza

1250 Culver Avenue, Utica

a pizza joint, but they make Sicilian rice balls (arancine) Tues-Wed-Thurs [do they still?]


Pasta Shoppe

132 Oxford Rd., New Hartford

(some of their pastas also available at Napoli’s)


Rintrona Bakery

744 Bleecker Street, Utica(between Mohawk and Milgate)


Roma Sausage & Deli

2029 Bleecker Street, Utica (east of Culver)

Sells Pecoro’s chesee made in Rome [NY]; bread; sausage, imported cheeses


Rosa’s Italian bakery-Delicatessen

2644 Genesee Street, Utica


Asian & Indian

Nguyen Phat Oriental Store (Vietnamese Grocery)

643 Bleecker St, Utica, NY

They have Asian produce (fruits and vegetables) as well as lots of packaged and canned goods.  They also have a NYC delivery once (or perhaps twice) a week.

Phone: 734-0776


Lucky Mey (Cambodian) Soon to have hot and cold prepared foods to go!

1641 Oneida Street
Open 7 days a week


Raj’s Dari-Del

Corner of Noyes and York (near the MVPC)

(run by Minar Restaurant folks)

Central European - German


2006 Genesee St.

Restaurant operated by Heidelberg Bakery- their bread is available here


Central European - Russian, Polish

Senshine  Market (Russian and East European)

600 Culver Avenue, Utica


Royal Imports (Russian and East European)

1201 Albany Street, Utica


Utica Gastronome (Russian and East European)

929 Bleecker Street, Utica


Ukrainian pierogi are sold on Thursdays and Fridays at the Ukrainian Church opposite the parking lot of the MWP Institute


Pulaski Meat Market (Polish and East European)

1201 Lenox Avenue, Utica

Excellent meat cuts; wide array of kielbasa; pierogi; homemade sauerkraut


Hapanowicz Market

19 Clinton, New York Mills

Butcher; array of East European bread and products


Ruznic market (Bosnian)

801 Albany Street, Utica



Karam's Middle Eastern Bakery,

137 Campbell Ave, Yorkville

Great food for lunch or take out open Saturdays for breakfast. Must try the squash and eggs on saturdays,,, the greens on Fridays , the lubey, peas, or okra and rice and the stuffed cabbage (seasonal) or stuffed kousa (seasonal).

Selection of spices, tahini, halvah etc, to buy.

In the summer they sometimes sell locally grown kousa squash and tomatoes.

Zeina's Cafe,
607 Varick Street, Utica 13502 

Toma’s Mohawk Mini Market,

1160 Mohawk Street, Utica 


Barady’s Bistro

234 Genesee Street, Utica  Fantastic mix of Lebanese & Southwestern, Breakfast & Lunch Pitas made on site daily



Family Grocery Store

919 Bleecker Street, Utica